The Importance of Body Language

Body language is another word for nonverbal communication.

Our emotions, feelings, motives, and thoughts are expressed by the changes in our facial expressions, gestures, posture and body position. Psychologists believe non-verbal communication reveals more than the words we speak.
Therefore, body language for actors is very important. Body language tells the audience more about the character your portraying than the words you say or the tone in which you say them.

A Princeton University study discovered that people make judgments about a person's likeability and competence in one tenth of a second just by looking at their headshot.

Though a headshot cannot record physical movement, it can capture the essence of a person. And that's what casting directors want to see in your photograph - not who you think you can portray - but who you are right now.

Nuanced expressions make a headshot. Body language makes a fascinating character.